Valentine’s Day Canon Couples

Valentine’s Day is approaching so I thought I’d do a special blog on my personal favorite anime couples. I will try to include canon couples of all kinds! This doesn’t really have an order of favorites, just going through my list off the top of my head. I have talked about some of these couples before in other blogs, but I’ve added new ones too. 

Also, I’m sorry for not including a same-sex male couple! I haven’t seen Yuri on Ice or really any other anime featuring a male same-sex couple sadly, so please don’t hate me for it! 

There are male characters I ship together, but are not canon couples…such as Nagisa and Karma from Assassination Classroom. However, because I can’t include non-canon couples in this blog, I didn’t include them. Just wanted to point this out so I don’t seem biased. It seems like nowadays only yuri and straight couples are most popular in anime today.

Tomoya and Nagisa Clannad

This is a classic that had me in tears, since it was very sad and depressing at times. However, I am glad that Tomoya finally got his happy ending with Nagisa. I used to not like this couple very much for personal reasons, but now I think they are one of the most iconic couples in the anime world. Even though Tomoya sure had a harem of women, I feel like now him and Nagisa are the best match for each other. Tomoya’s devotion to Nagisa really shows how much he’s always cared about her even when she died. It was good Ushio helped bring her back. Great anime, I’ll always remember the Dango Dango song! 

Sakura Haruno and Sasuke Uchiha Naruto 

            This one is a classic. Not everyone was expecting them to be a couple when Sasuke seemed so much like an edgy lone wolf back in the day. It was clear as day Sakura liked him and Naruto liked her, but I honestly think Naruto is indeed better off with Hinata. But Sakura waited for him and always had been there for Sasuke even when he wasn’t around. When I found out they were together, I was very happy. Overall, I think Sakura and Sasuke are perfect together. 

Elias Ainsworth and Chise Hatori The Ancient Magus Bride

This has always been a favorite anime couple of mine. Chise accepts Elias for who he is even if others see him as a monster because of his appearance, yet he is a kind hearted mage who takes Chise under his wing as his magic apprentice and future wife. Chise also has had a hard upbringing and background, which you can learn more about if you watch the OVA. Elias is the first person to accept her as well and treat her like family. The anime hits you right in the feels making you cry a lot, feel happy at times, and even laugh. It’s considered one of the best animes by critics and I can see why. 

Ymir Fritz and Historia Reiss Attack on Titan 

            Ymir and Historia seemed more like best friends in the anime but in the manga it was confirmed they were a couple. Even though they chose to take separate paths and go their own ways, they are another one of my favorite couples. Ymir and Historia share a unique bond and were very compatible. I can also see why people *ship them so much! 

There aren’t many same-sex couples shown in animes these days that are very popular, but this series has always been pretty well known. Sure, I have heard of Yuri on Ice that features a same-sex male couplebut ice skating wasn’t my forte. I did see Happy Sugar Life whichalso features a female same-sex couple, but I wouldn’t say Sato and Shio had the most normal relationship. 

            Ichigo Kurosaki and Orihime Inoue Bleac


            Alot of people were upset Ichigo didn’t marry Rukia and that she married Renji instead. I admit Grimmjow was my crush back then, and I loved him and Ulquiorra, but I lost interest in the show during the fillers. Anyway, Ichigo and Orihime, when did I ship this canon couple? Well, I do somewhat remember a scene along the lines of Orihime looking at Ichigo when he’s sleeping and almost kisses Ichigo and confesses her feelings for him. It’s been a long while since I saw this anime, but I think this episode convinced me to ship them. 

            Inuyasha and Kagome Inuyasha

            Inuyashawas an anime I surprisingly watched all the way through a long time ago. Even though, Koga pursued Kagome throughout the anime until the end, I always shipped Inuyasha with Kagome. They always seemed so cute together, and I wanted Inuyasha to get over Kikyo so he could be with Kagome. And in the end, they did! Throughout their journey with Sango and Miroku, they’ve been through so much. I also shipped Sango and Miroku, and was also happy they got together in the end! I know some people shipped Koga with Kogame but I actually do think Ayame is better with Koga in my honest opinion since Kagome always had seemed to have stronger feelings for Inuyasha, I don’t think it would have worked out.

            Guts and Casca Berserk 

            Berserkis another classic anime I have yet to finish. However, Casca and Guts may have had a tragic story, but, still, their love for each other is admirable. Where I’m at in the original anime, Casca’s still being a tsundere* to him and the bond between Griffith and Guts is strong, but I know that’ll all change soon. Guts and Casca would have never met if it wasn’t for Griffith, so at least he did do something good for them? To me, Guts was the first iconic merciless emotionless killer before Goblin Slayer became a thing; Berserk was the first. And, not to mention, the demon killer became one of the most popular characters to boot. 

*Tsundere– is a Japanese term for character development process that describes a person who is initially cold (and sometimes even hostile) before gradually showing a warmer, friendlier side over time.

            Irisviel and Kiritsugu Emiya Fate/Zero 

            Despite that  it’s still in question for some of us if Kiritsugu and Maya had something going on, I think Irisviel and Kiritsugu belong together. I think Kiritsugu’s heart really is with her and so is Irisviel’s. Despite the fact that Kiritsugu is actually not one of my favorite characters, I really like Irisviel. She’s very sweet and I think even Saber admires their relationship. But I am with Saber in that I disagree with Kiritsugu decisions to act like some kind of character from Assassin’s Creedin order to save the world. I’m in the process of watching Fate/Zero season 2 right now, but maybe once I learn more about Kiritsugu, I might like him more. He just seems like the type who doesn’t want anyone to get in his way so he can meet his goals. His depression is relatable, but I’m not sure if that excuses for his behavior. Sure, Kayneth was a jerk, but did we really need Maya to snipe him and all the bloodshed? However, Irisviel is still a sweetheart. They both truly care about Illya too,who’s only still a child in this part,  but I’m scared to see how Illya changes in Fate/Stay Night since I’ve heard about her being a psychotic loli. 

Aya and Yatsumura Mahou Shoujo Site

This was another anime where the couple didn’t seem as obvious, but in the manga it was also confirmed these two girls were together. As underrated as the series is, I found it really interesting despite how dark and sad it is. I’m an anime-only and I don’t think there will be another season with the original ending and reviews it got. I think the violence/mature content was too much for the general audience, yet it is worth a watch if you want an emotional ride. Like Chise, but on a worse scale, Aya had a very rough life and was saved by Yatsumura who also had a tough life, like all magical girls, but their connection to each other was outstanding. Even in death, in the anime at least, Yatusmura still had a part of her loving Aya as Aya was able to bring her back. For me, the anime ended on a good note. Especially with that abusive brother getting karma from a certain someone. 

Kirito and Asuna Sword Art Online 

            These two are probably one of the most popular canon ships, but I think after all they went through in their virtual worlds and meeting each other, they’ve stayed loyal to one another and I admire their courage and strength. They both go to great lengths for one another and want an honest relationship. I know I’ve stated SAO is a bit overhyped in another blog, but I think Kirito and Asuna are meant to be. I shipped them from the very beginning and still do!

            And with that, I’d like to end the blog of my ten favorite anime couples, for Valentine’s Day. I know some of the paragraphs are long and some short but I hope it was worth a read. 

            Hope to see you again! 


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